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GfK. Growth from Knowledge

For more than 85 years, we have connected science and data to help our clients around the world solve their business questions. By adding advanced AI, we can now provide you with actionable recommendations for key decisions about consumers, markets, brands and media that drive your marketing, sales and organizational effectiveness. That’s why we promise to you “Growth from Knowledge”.

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Press Releases

  • 25.06.2020
    Consumer climate in Germany continues to recover: Consumer activity reawakens after shock

    These are the results of the GfK consumer climate study Germany for June 2020.

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  • 04.06.2020
    Germans spend proportionally less than other Europeans on brick-and-mortar retail

    These are GfK findings on European retail in 2019.

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  • 27.05.2020
    Consumer climate in Germany recovers slightly after COVID-19 shock

    These are the results of the GfK consumer climate study Germany for May 2020.

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